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Matcha Latte Roll-On Perfume Oil

$4.95 CAD - $15.00 CAD

Introducing our Matcha Latte Roll-On Perfume Oil, a delightful fusion of earthy matcha tea and creamy latte notes. Crafted with care, our all-natural formula blends the refreshing essence of matcha with the comforting aroma of frothy milk. Experience a harmonious balance of freshness and warmth, perfect for everyday indulgence. Convenient and portable, our roll-on design ensures easy application anytime, anywhere. Embrace the serene allure of matcha latte in a compact, travel-friendly package. Elevate your senses with our roll-on perfume oil and let its enchanting fragrance accompany you on every journey.


ingredients: sweet almond oil, jojoba, matcha essential oil, fragrance

Where to apply?
You can use roller ball bottles to apply the oil fragrance to areas you would normally apply fragrance to, most commonly, your “pulse points,” i.e. your wrists, collarbone and neck, as they allow you to project the fragrance's sillage most effectively. Your body naturally emits heat, so having these pulse points project the fragrance is most efficient